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Most of my life I have been pretty active, always doing something and being outside. After getting married and having a child, things slowed down for me although I knew I wanted to do something about my weight I knew that CrossFit was not the answer, I despised CrossFit mainly because that was all my husband ever talked about.  After him finally breaking me down about a year later, I went but did not feel like he did when he was doing CrossFit, I didnt know what I was doing wrong I just knew I didnt like it and it wasnt for me. After moving to WA my husband started coaching at Natural Selection CrossFit, I tried it more frequently but didn’t really enjoy it until I met some of the wonderful people that came along with CrossFit, that for me has made me love crossfit, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten frusterated because i’m not the fastest or can’t do a movement but I always have someone telling me that I can do it, and dont stop. The group of people that we have at Natural Selection CrossFit really make it what it is and thats what makes me love it so much. I love helping newer people achieve their goals and push themselves beyone what they ever thought they could.