WOD: NSXFit 9/11 for time:
9 Hand Release Push-Ups (represents the month)
11 Weighted Overhead Walking Lunges 45/35 (represents the day)
20 Sit-Ups (20 and 01 represent the year)
01 mile run
110 Step Ups 24/20 (represents the number of floors in the twin towers)
100m Bear Crawl (the hours spent looking for victims under rubble)
100m Sled Drag 116/81 (represents the grief, that as a nation, we carry on our   shoulders from the attack on our country.)

Wear a 20# vest if you have it.

No words can be spoken about what happened to our country, families and friends on 9/11/2001. Today we pay tribute to those who were affected by this tragic event. To those who lost their lives and/or their loved ones, the 1st responders who worked diligently through the aftermath of devastation. When you go through this WOD remember why you’re pushing yourselves.

30 Minute cap.